Our School


Welcome to Kaseberg!

Kaseberg School’s academic and socioeconomic diversity creates unique needs and challenges. The committed staff strives to meet individual needs so that students reach their fullest academic and social potential to become productive citizens.  Every staff member is considered a valued member of a team and works closely in the spirit of dedication, enthusiasm, and collaboration by:

  • Helping students feel accepted and secure.

  • Clarifying, enriching and providing models for success.

  • Encouraging students to think, work hard and develop confidence and responsibility.

  • Seeking ways to develop professionally and providing optimum services to students.



The Mission of Kaseberg School is to produce life-long learners by providing learning opportunities for students to reach their fullest potential, both academically and socially, by meeting student individual needs.



Kaseberg School will bring all students reading to grade level or above grade level.  Either or both criterion will be used to measure the fulfillment of our vision:

  • By the end of 5th grade, students will be reading at or above 5th-grade level.

  • All students below grade level will grow by at least two grade levels in reading yearly.


Collective Commitments

We will operate as a professional learning community

We will share accountability for communicating our Mission and fulfilling our Vision.

We will utilize and share data to inform our decisions to maximize student achievement.

We will actively participate and engage in research, discussions, training and support needed to increase our capacity to fulfill our Mission and reach our Vision.

We will celebrate successes.

We will be supportive, trusting, positive and collaborative in our interactions.